"口含棒棒糖,身穿塑膠風衣,穿越時空的少女 - 金 桔 希 子"


Known for their retro vibe, Sunset Rollercoaster's first album 
"Bossa Nova" is a ride breezing through the California sunset, 

a true comeback of old school rock and roll.


Then came "Jinji Kikko" - an EP so authentically 80s,

beautifully layered with glassy guitars and analogue synths.


In other words - pew pew pew.





//In stock...//

- [DS10]"Jinji Kikko | 金桔希子" (EP)

- [DS19]"Jinji Kikko | 金桔希子" (12" vinyl)

落日飛車 / Sunset Rollercoaster

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